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Looking at someone like Chromie as a player, when they come in to play, especially for a few years later you're probably not going feel this pain in the same manner as we do now. Are you guys pondering of ways to ensure that this is accessible to players, regardless of when they enter or when they join. For sure buy WoTLK Gold. We're always thinking about something such as that, and that's one of the major guiding principles in a lot of material that goes into the .5 patches. We want to make content we call evergreen: items you can play anytime during the expansion as well as future expansions. Chromie is a good example of this the way it works is through time-walking, another little bit of technology we have to purchase. It gives you the ability to walk your levels higher and items higher , up to Level 112. the level of 1000 items. But that doesn't mean that you can only run this at level 110. If in the future, your character is more than 112 and your level of item is greater than 1000. it'll still function. It's still possible to speak to Chromie on top of Wyrmrest and tell her, "I want to help to save you as I've believed you'd get killed," and it'll still work.

They assist, rather than extending the length of the game, it can blow out the breadth of the game more, giving you more things to do. It's an entirely different style of telling stories. It's a bit more unimportant, a more explorative, as well as such things, help to make Azeroth's world Azeroth larger. If there's a lot more to do, the world seems to be bigger and more exciting.

One thing that people have been talking about recently but not necessarily directly related to this patch are the recent class mounts buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold. A few players, of course have been ecstatic over what they can do with their class mounts and others, particularly Druids, may be a somewhat disappointed because for them, it's just a form change rather than an entirely new mount. Do you think that's something you are also still addressing and discussing with the community?
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